Not even into 2020 a month …..

So yes here it is 2020 and it’s already chaos! We’ve got Australia on fire and ultimately loosing over 500 million animals and plants. Not that the fires just started. Heck it’s been on fire for months. It’s just it’s just now being widely spoken on our lacking news sources. It makes me sad to […]

I’m that Girl and it’s 2020!

Good Morning all my beautiful readers and friends. It’s time we bring in the New Year with positivity, prosperity, and Protection. I want this year to be the year of Pay it forward whenever possible. Give without intent to receive. Take the time to look back on the last year and assess what it was […]

Lack of Content and a Leave of Absence

As some of you must know I haven’t posted anything for a week. With the normal Thanksgiving and holiday craziness and jitters. I received some shattering news. Therefore I needed and still need to focus on some real day to day and family business. We leave tomorrow as early as possible heading to NC, to […]

Social Media…

Is it taking over your days? Social media is clearly an easy way to stay updated on your friends and family. But is it worth it? How many accounts are too much? Does everything need to be open for the world to see? (If you answered your not open becuase your private or password protected, […]

Me & My Dysfunctional Fairytale

Once upon a time…. Okay so I’m not gonna get all corny, with an exaggerated story like some fairytale or something, actually Im gonna first bring you up to speed on my life thus far, and my life now. So keep in mind this is my dysfunction at its best. Me; (Ohdanigurl) Im just a southern woman, born and raised […]

Why I choose my Blog name

So what’s the real deal behind My Dysfunctional Fairytale? How far down Do you want to go? Kinda wonder myself where to start. So I’ll be honest, My Dysfunctional Fairytales was a term I used alot while overcoming issues while married. It began at first as soley a graphics creation and profile layouts for Neopets, […]