Happy Samhain

Halloween as a child was always an experience, as I’m an Air Force Brat. So we had some awesome places to Trick or Treat and some awesome Haunted Houses. I remember as a kid being scared so easily even though ive always watched Horror Movie’s.

Growing up, I celebrated either giving candy out and seeing the joy in children’s eyes, and most recently these past few years going with my God Children in NC Trick or Treating and trying to decorate my sister’s home in NC.

This year I’m missing it. 1st time in 4 years. Hopefully next year I can make it up to them.

Please be safe out there tonight, use glow sticks and reflective tape for safety.

Also to any parent that thinks someone will slip your child LSD, Weed, Extasy or anything other than candy. Your wrong. Plain and simple. Drugs are expensive, No-one will just hand it out. Of your that afraid go buy your own candy and hide it in your own house and yard and act like its Easter.

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