Why I choose my Blog name

So what’s the real deal behind My Dysfunctional Fairytale? How far down Do you want to go? Kinda wonder myself where to start.

My Dysfunctional Fairytale

So I’ll be honest, My Dysfunctional Fairytales was a term I used alot while overcoming issues while married. It began at first as soley a graphics creation and profile layouts for Neopets, and MySpace and a little for Sims 3. It was a darker more raw side sister to Simply Put Layouts.

While loving making graphics, I was honest going through a disastorous marriage. So I slowly made a blogger account. I needed something. I was always a poet, artist something creative. But ill admit I sabotaged my blogger account continuously by updating, deleting and so on.

As years went by, I visioned that my blog name might just be the problem. I mean its a dark twist. Was I feeding it? Therefore I shyly walked away. Let it go.

Fast forward about 12 years, a divorce, change in location, jobs, friendships gained and lost. You are now seeing a rebirth.

My Dysfunctional Fairytale is no longer something I consider dark. Its simply me. Ohdanigurl and Mishka Akashka finally becoming what… I’m that girl!

My plans for its rebirth is to highlight my love of cooking and adventures. The love if my family and friends. I’m listing a links & advertisement page for all my lovely associates, friends and family. I also added a muaic page becuase music speaks to your soul.

I plan to continuously update this blog, I refuse to let it die this time. Yes it’s mainly a journal of my everyday life. But it offers so much more.