Social Media…

Is it taking over your days?

Social media is clearly an easy way to stay updated on your friends and family. But is it worth it? How many accounts are too much? Does everything need to be open for the world to see?

(If you answered your not open becuase your private or password protected, Your wrong unfortunately..)

Let me explain and really dig into the Social Media game. Now I’m the first to tell you, I’m primarily on many Social Sites. Now am I a very Social Butterfly? No, I’m a Sarcastic Moth to put it mildly. Yet I also know my way around most sites.

Social Media has grown so much over the years. Blossoming into this complex tier multi platform crossing and matching up this complete new and unbeknownst to many a complete Social Profile you are not in control of, the main Power House of patforms and search engines are in control and tracking and updating daily.

Algorithms matching any and all things you’ve posted, details from records, financial, posts by someone else and even your map of places visited and geo tagging your photos. Nothing is private! In fact you ultimately have a huge resume of information about you and things you want private that, well just isn’t.

I always feel like someone is watching me…

So let’s start simple. First how young is too young to have a social media account? Personally I may not have my own children but I have God children. First and foremost we can not let tablets and PC’s take over Text Books. No child should constantly feel the pressure to post and be active on social media for some likes and so on. A child should never be left unattended while on social media, if you think they are old enough, activate you own account and be vigilant in keeping an eye on your child. Know who it is that they are talking to. Give time limits, Set rules, lastly teach them right from wrong and tech them to not overshare. A post a week is good enough. Limits the amount of networks they are on and do your own search for any overshared information.

Example of why its important to monitor your children’s phones..

So a few years back I was your local cellphone repair girl. I remember this instant like yesturday. I found it disgusting, shocked, unnerving and well left feeling a sense of urgency to talk to the adults. I was working on two young age 10ish autistic cousins. I had advantage of both sets of Moms in my store.

… be continued as this is and will be a long read.

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