From a Dysfunctional Vacation to a Staycation

So as some of you know my Fiancé and Me decided on a whim to make a journey to North Carolina to spend time with my Sister and God Children before they made their trip/move to Michigan.

My sister & I (Two Feathers)

Even though we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time together, it was genuine. I cooked while there. Keeping bellies full. There was a sense of bittersweetness looming as each day passed. So much so the last day we were all just tired and overwhelmed.

One of the over whelming things was knowing it’s gonna be a minute before we can see each other again. Also it was seeing my sister give up a lot of her past. (There’s only so much you can pack) but even with a empty house and her giving me a lot of her heart and things she’s had since I’ve known her. We were and are family.

The toxicity looming and sharp as daggers made this a certainty. Choices for a better life and future had to be made. I won’t go into details because it’s not my place. I’m just joyful they survived and were strong enough to say No more.

We kept our promise and didn’t leave until my sisters father made it to pick them up.

While there my Fiancé and I adopted a Little sweet and feisty senior Chihuahua names Baby. She was my sisters companion for most of her 19 years. We felt she deserved a vacation in her senior years to Florida. She’s adjusted quite well.

Our wireless door bell house security! ❤️

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