I’m that Girl and it’s 2020!

Good Morning all my beautiful readers and friends. It’s time we bring in the New Year with positivity, prosperity, and Protection. I want this year to be the year of Pay it forward whenever possible. Give without intent to receive.

Take the time to look back on the last year and assess what it was that was holding you back, what caused negative thoughts. What was it, that made you feel anything less than what you deserve.

Breathe in the good shit & Exhale the bad shit!

Now this is my 2020 wish for those around me, May it be your year! Not with false intent. Stand tall and allow all the good things to come your way. If 2019 almost took your or yours out. Make 2020 give it back.

For me, yes I have huge wants, some with major life changes. But I also have some pretty simple goals.

  • Start this year with nothing but good intent.
  • Smile more, and try to make others smile.
  • Really try hard on this blog and writing a cookbook
  • Give my workplace 100% of myself while there, and to leave work at work and home at home.
  • Accessorize my home and yard
  • Take better care of myself and love myself
  • Love my fiancé more and more
  • Save money
  • Downsize my life, Rid myself of clutter

To be continued:

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