Not even into 2020 a month …..

So yes here it is 2020 and it’s already chaos! We’ve got Australia on fire and ultimately loosing over 500 million animals and plants. Not that the fires just started. Heck it’s been on fire for months. It’s just it’s just now being widely spoken on our lacking news sources. It makes me sad to think even if these fires eventually go out. The wildlife just lost their habitat and food. #alwaysprayforrainforaustralia

Next and I will keep this short….. mostly because most wont understand and because this topic is like a live nerve being constantly picked at. Our great (lol) President has once again done it. His magic finger and keyboard warrior tweeting has got us in chaos overseas. Not that we weren’t already but Damn I have so many questions. My heart breaks for so many of our troops, vets, and the victims of the original 52 from so many years ago and those who gave their all to bring them home.

I was called un-American because a young teen seeing a recruiter had been brainwashed by his recruiter into thinking certain things and believing in fairytales. There was no telling this kid otherwise. He is all about War, which in itself is sad. You see I am an Iranian rescue attempt baby. I can’t even fathom what my Father is thinking right now.

I’m going to actually end this as I don’t want any trouble. God speed to all of us, and Pray for all of us.

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