Lifestyle Changes

This isn’t my first rodeo, let’s just say I’m taking charge of my Life, Health, Relationships, and Social Media and so much more.

I got an Apple Watch again… counting those steps and Activity. Just being aware works for me.

Then I added back my ACV drinks and True Lemon Green Tea Cranberry Energy, Water too also some Body Armor Drinks . I carry a BPA Free Water bottle to work everyday.

I’d like to add back Coconut Oil Pulling and Bullet Proof Coffee and Bengal Spice (Chai) Tea.

I decided Saturday to not buy another carton of Cigarettes and to by a Vape. My plan is to Quit Smoking and allow the Vape to help only to eventually quit that as well.

Next I’m cutting out those 2 damned Rockstars in the Morning. (Sugars)…

Then yes Bye Bye Craft Beers and Hello Red Wine!

I know, I know it’s a lot to quit but I want a healthy life, I want to go Surfing this year. Maybe buy some Roller Skates with Pro wheels and such.

I want an active Lifestyle. I want to be my best self, for Me and my Fiancé.

Now I want everyone to know I have been in no way pressured or made to feel anything less than I am. I’m doing this for me, my Fiancé will just reel the benefits.

This in no way a New Year Resolution its a promise to myself.

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