Time Change

So living in the Central Time Zone, we set out clocks back. ( Totally uncalled for or needed nor wanted ) especially with me already being an early bird. With that said I kinda took the morning slow and well thought out. I paced myself driving into work along the gulf coast thru the National […]

Happy Samhain

Halloween as a child was always an experience, as I’m an Air Force Brat. So we had some awesome places to Trick or Treat and some awesome Haunted Houses. I remember as a kid being scared so easily even though ive always watched Horror Movie’s. Growing up, I celebrated either giving candy out and seeing […]

Ventures & Manifestations

So I have had this dream of Owning and Operating a food truck, Resturant and or writing my own unique cookbook. With that being said I’m gonna work on writing out my recipes. I have to start somewhere and maybe if I manifest more and focus on my dream it will come to be. Most […]

A little about me

I know I like to say.. I’m that girl. It actually fits. Why you ask? Once upon a time…. Okay so I’m not gonna get all corny, with an exaggerated story like some fairytale or something, actually Im gonna first bring you up to speed on my life thus far, and my life now. So keep in mind this is […]

Rain Rain Go Away!

Its a gloomy rainy day, I woke up working on Bitchin in the Kitchen ( It’s in my Menu ). I’m updating and releasing one of my recipes. ( Still in Progress ) I also decided for a more pleasant view of my blog of insanity to go Dark mode. I’m begining to start to […]

Much needed time..

So today is Monday. Again I’m not one of those Monday Blues type of Women. I actually look forward to it. As its actually my weekend. So it’s the start of my week. As I work Fridays thru Sundays. Sometimes and most weeks I pull in almost 30 hrs in 3 days. So you can […]