Much needed time..

So today is Monday. Again I’m not one of those Monday Blues type of Women. I actually look forward to it. As its actually my weekend. So it’s the start of my week. As I work Fridays thru Sundays. Sometimes and most weeks I pull in almost 30 hrs in 3 days. So you can […]

Time with Friends

We got out yesturday, went to a mutual friends house and just laid back and relaxed. We are always so chilled over there. And once again it didn’t disappoint. I actually fell asleep so hard my fiance was trying his hardest to wake me up. So much so he woke up with me this morning […]

Another Beautiful Morning

I want to thank anyone who is encouraging me to pursue my new blog, which yes seems like a journal lately. But also my great friends that are encouraging my love for cooking and to take a new step. If you look in my Menu, you’ll find my “Bitchin in the Kitchen” & “Music for […]

Live, Laugh, Love

Alright this chick has decided to let it be. I’m not gonna let some toxic, nerotic, narcissistic vile person get at me. I woke up, Grateful. We survived. Hell I think we actually came out stronger. 4 years and some minor hiccups along the way but.. Not only am I in a better place and […]

Monday.. Don’t wake me up..

Yes I know the title says “Monday..” But don’t think too much into it. Its actually positive. So last night after I got of work, my fiance & me had one hell of a much needed Date night. We had an awesome Reggae Band last night playing live at the Paradise Bar & Grill, 007 […]

Slowly yet moving Forward

So after a day of work, alittle wind and rain from a tropical storm coming. I had some “alone” time. Even if it was while working. My mind feels less screwed with, my heart feels more and more less strangled. But one of the best things is.. Me & my Fiance are better than ever. […]

For the most part..

So it’s been 3 days since me & my fiance ran. We chose US over manipulation and narcissism. Most, actually alot will never know what we actually endured and survived. I’m honestly so glad we did the experience has it opened our eyes. We may have been doing gods work, but surely not expected to […]